Lost Islands

Do Not Trust the Logs

at Capt' Sweetheart's Hideaway

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Investigating the Smuggler’s den at Tree-toad Cove
Who killed the prisoner in his cell?
Who is trafficking demonic artifacts from the jungle ruins?

Major Events This Session:
Sailing halfway to the smuggler’s den, find a demonic ship’s figurehead. Try to break a cruse on it, but quasits attack!
Through the jungle to the treetop smugglers den, over giant crocodile infested marsh.
Disguises for Ghorr
Failed to bluff their way into the Tree-toad Cove, but met Eliza Oedecker, aka Capt Sweetheart (halfling)
Heard of a cleric of Bashabsa named Becky
Lam’s Imports might have smuggling ties back in Roc Malaga
“The Cabal”

Most Notable Moments:

Eva clenses the figurehead, alerted to the presence of an “entity” within the wooden demon

Ghorr ruins subterfuge at Tree-toad Cove when ex-councilor Waywocket Pfnipper appears, and a fight breaks out between her demons and the party.

Who Did You Meet:
Capt. Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker, Halfling Smuggler

Unfinished Business:
The smuggling crew is still there
Getting back to Wrackweed Bay
“The Cabal”


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