Lost Islands

Edge of the Abyss

Where demons are wont to tread

The Party:

Ghor and Alec

Old Business:

Tavi killed by Merrow attack, rescued merfolk, rewarded with treasure. Merrow coming through a portal near the north shore of the bay.

Major Events:

Used a cantrip to manifest an audio illusion of a ‘Merfolk Call to Prayer’ to lure Merrow out from the caves along the fault. Ambush successful, fought quasit scouts and merrow.
Merrow were summoning Quasits from portal, successfully stopped by party.
Portal seems to exist below the island, and gaps appear sometimes.
Investigated Til shipwreck & suspiscious death of captain
Moved supplies from shipwreck to Kobold camp onshore to help reinforce defences.

Most Notable Moments:

Saved Merfolk Prince in combat with Merrow
Collapsed portal to the Abyss
Kobold + Merfolk alliance groundwork laid.

Who did you meet?

Marcellus Pfnipper introduced as leader of Gnomes First political faction, he’s back from researching at the volcano.
Emmissary Dominic Standish’s ship has arrived from the Kingdom of Til, here to audit and review the work done by Alec Ulreen

Unfinished business:
Ghor trying to set up spy network to investigate Marcellus
Investigate Volcano


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