Lost Islands

Ghor's Memories

What on earth happened last time

Okay, here’s what I remember;

Ghorr Blood-Eye and Alec Ulreen were hired as sailors by some merchant house/noble house to see a shipment to the gnome islands. Our ship was waylaid by storms and we crash landed on a forgotten island where we fought kobolds while the surviving crew made repairs. There was a hooded figure commanding the kobolds. We escaped after much bloodshed, but this hooded figure was not done with us – while back out at sea and en route, he attacked us with a kraken. We fought the kraken, destroying (supposedly) the kraken and the hooded figure who rode atop it.

Next session saw our arrival to the Lost Islands of the gnomes, their port town under attack by lizard man tribes. Using our already battered ship as a battering ram, we beached that mofo right up on the shore, crushing some lizard men, jumped off the boat and started kicking ALL the ass. This put us in well with the local government, a type of gnomish council, who hired us as mercs to take care of their lizard man problem. This is also where we met up with Tavi Stormcaller.

We explored the island, rescued captured gnomes in the raid, discovered a lost network of temples interconnected by volcanic tunnels. Ghorr discovers that there is evidence of an old enemy, an Orcish agent of Shai’Tann on the island. The group discovers the lizard man army is amassing for a giant attack, spurred on by the orcish cultist. We make a tenative peace treaty with a neutral kobold tribe and unite the kobolds and gnomes together against the lizard man army. Ghorr jumps on the back of a flying demon, INTO a volcano after killing the orcish agent of Shai’Tann, and succeeds. He also stops the charge of a triceratops by standing still, and breaks its neck with his bare hands. We discover proof of treachery amongst the gnomish council, one of them (Waywocket, I think her name was), was in league with the lizardmen and other *dark powers.

The Lizardman army crashed at the gates of gnome town against the gnomes, the kobolds, and our party. We even got a dragon turtle on our side. We fought the lizard queen and won, drove off the army. Now we’re on the island, left to ponder the true nature of these interconnected volcano-temples and, yes, there is a spelljammer chair. Ghorr continues to hunt for the agents of Shai’Tann and find the whereabouts of his traitorous uncle, the leader of Clan Night-bringer, Karaang. Alec Ulreen has his court intrigues. I apologize, this is written from a Ghorr centric POV, I encourage Brad and Craig to jump in with details that I missed or got incorrect.

Hope this helps.

To recap:
Found a temple matrix under/in/around volcanoes
crushed the lizardman armies
made peace with a dragon turtle and the kobolds
spell jammer chair! Would love to get into that

Cool story threads:
Whats up with Dr.Strange’s noble house and knighthood?
Clan Nightbringer and Karaang?
Spelljammer chair!
Who else knows of the temple matrix on the Lost islands? Maybe dark elves? Always great villains


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