Lost Islands

Maces, Hammers, & Lady Sharks

Getting the band back together

The Party:
Ghorr, Tavi, Alec Ulreen, Halkin

Old Business:
Investigate Volcano Tunnels

Major Events this Session:
Investigate Golden Sands (“Big fins in the water”)
Sahaguin attack on Kobold village
Dove into surf with amulets
Found Ship from Til, sank recently, fought giant sharks
Got to Golden Sands, found empty except for a sleeping sea giant, surrounded by a purple glow and Merrows

Noteable Moments:
Received amulets of water breathing that should last 18 hours apiece

Who did you meet?
Madam Elena

Unfinished Business:
Found Giant and 4 eel-like humanoids in Golden Sands, Wizard got their attention


quicksilver915 quicksilver915

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