Lost Islands

Saving Golden Sands

Or Don't Touch the Purple Glow

The Party:
Alec Ulreen, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Halkin Stonenwher

Old Business:

  • The Sleeping Giant
  • Missing Merfolk
  • Merrow about to attack

Major Events This Session:

  • Killed Merrow & Chuul (lobster-like humanoid)
  • Rescued Merfolk
    *Rewarded with 400cp, 5000sp, 1700gp, 70pp, 1100gp in gems, Potion of Superior Healing, Bead of Force, 2 sets of Bracers of Defence, Gloves of Thieving

Most Notable Moments:

  • Death of Tavi as he hit the paralyzing, magic nullifying field surrounding the imprisoned giant.
  • Giant awoke after its arcane prison was released

Who Did You Meet:

  • H!tick and H!tuk, The Lord of Golden Sands and his Son
  • Seamus

Unfinished Business:

  • Close the Merrow’s entryway to this plane from the Abyss


quicksilver915 quicksilver915

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