Lost Islands

Three Crocs, No Waiting

Making friends and influencing assassins

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Tracking down the smuggling ring
Last game, we ended after a fight with the demonic minions of Waywocket Pfnipper
Continuing Negotiations with Captain Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker? Or Not, See Ghorr…possible runin with Becky

Major Events this Session:
Failed negotiation with Captain Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker, searched Tree-toad Cove, found small treasure hoard. Survived the trek back through the swamp.
Spoke with Merfolk about Kharveino
Town had trouble while Ghorr away, Gnomes First pushing their agenda. Ghorr confronts Marcellus in the square in front of the council chambers
Assassins strike Ghorr and Solomon, Solomon caught one, after diving naked after him out the window.

Most Notable Moments:
Shai-tann connected to Waywocket
Capt. Sweetheart in Wrackweed bay at the new moon, offered a rendezvous
Evangeline makes an enemy of Becky
Learned Sahaguin are in need of food and weapons, under the war leader Kharveino
Solomon escaped being eaten by making a friend
Ghorr’s political showdown with Marcellus at the Gnomes First vigil.

Who Did You Meet:
Prince H!Ting of the merfolk, provided information on Kharveino
Karl and the crew of the Nightengale are agitating sailors into action

Unfinished Business:
The stone of the island closes demonic portals.
Captured assassin.
Karl’s murder while in custody
Waywocket’s whereabouts
Stabilizing relationships between sailors and gnomes with a shark bake.
The letter found in Becky’s quarters
Note to Solomon from his investigation – come alone far docks, tomorrow midnight


Just some notes for me to remember for next session:

1) Interrogate assassin we captured (I’m guessing Eva would be best at this with her spells).

2) Throw a big, successful sushi party to help bring the town together.

3) Travel to meet with Alec; a) find info on the abyssal sigils and the Cabal (what the goal is, where they operate, who the members are) and how to weaponize the island’s stone, which has magical properties to close demonic portals.)

Three Crocs, No Waiting
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