Alec Ulreen

Crafty Human Wizard


Quiet, thin and studious


Quiet, thin and studious compared to his two older brothers, Alec Ulreen was slated as heir to his family’s merchant concerns when he surprised everyone and exercised his right to follow his brothers and completed the Trial of Fenric to earn his knighthood.

By completing the trail with arcane cunning, Alec is the youngest knight and only wizard ever to become a Knight of Aquila.

Many considered Alec’s actions dishonorable and would have stripped him of his title and cast him out as a villain had he not single-handedly identified a traitor in the King’s court and prevented a murderous plot by a rival house throughout the course of his trial.

This bold solitary action earned him not only the right to keep his title, but an autonomy usually reserved for knights far his senior. Instead of serving as an officer in the standing army, Alec earned the position of Knight-Errant and the unique title Aquila Mirjah, or King’s Eye.

He currently travels far and wide spreading the King’s good-will and unearthing arcane magics. But he is slowly unveiling another plot against crown, kingdom and, indeed the planet; powerful forces are encroaching from the outer planes.

Story Hooks: The King’s work, family business, ancient arcana, threats from beyond.

Alec Ulreen

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