Ghorrokhan Blood Eye

Exiled Orc Lord and Barbarian



Hailing from the Northern, snow swept mountains of the Howling Peaks, Ghorr is the former warchief of the Wolf-Song Clan, a group of proud and noble orc warriors who worshiped the land and the Great Wolf Spirit.He was a young and ambitious warchief when he received the mantle of leadership from his father Kruul, and because he was reckless and headstrong, he led his clan down a path of destruction that wiped all of them out (including his wife Skhara and his child) at the hands of Karaang and the Night-Eater clan.

Wracked with grief, he roamed the land and seas as a mercenary, until he landed in Wrackweed Bay with Alec.

As of 5/8/16…
Currently, he is one of the acting administrators on the Gnomish Council in Wrackweed Bay after stepping in as an interim when it was revealed that Waywocket was conspiring with the lizard-folk tribes and a mysterious, demonic malefactor. Trying to keep the peace, an older, more experienced Ghorr now knows the benefit of gathering intelligence; with whispers of civil unrest, shaky alliances, and economic problems, he will need all loyal eyes and ears.

Adventure Hooks: Karaang and the Night-Eater clan of orcs (and their dedication to demonic powers), politics and unrest.

Ghorrokhan Blood Eye

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