Tavi Stormcaller


Gregory Marsh was a deck hand on a the trading vessel Good Fortune making regular trade runs between Calimport and Athkatla.

One day near the Nelanther Isles the sky suddenly became dark and the seas rough. His ship took multiple lightning strikes killing his captain and some of the crew. They might have been able to survive the loss of leadership but the ships wheel was destroyed in the blast that took the captain out. For days they drifted on the oceans whim. Eventually the Good Fortune hit a shallow reef and broke apart. Gregory grabbed a hold of a buoyant crate and drifted with the ocean currents. Eventually he washed up on the beach near Velen, half starved and dehydrated. He was discovered by a priest who’s order nursed Gregory back to health.

Gregory was convinced that his life was spared by the gods and entered into their service. The priests baptized him in the sea and renamed him Tavi Stormcaller.

One day while meditating he had a vision of a rapidly spinning compass needle that suddenly stopped pointing north. When he told the clergy of this his brothers and sisters insisted that this was a sign from the gods and that he was to embark on a journey.

Tavi set off on his journey Northward. He helped out those in need when he could. Aboard ships he helped to fend off pirate attacks. When traveling with caravans he helped to fend off bandits, goblins, orcs, and dangerous wildlife. Soon he began to feel the power of the storm gods flowing through him. Tavi could call down their wrath and smite enemies, or their goodwill to heal allies.

After months and months of travel Tavi finds himself far in the North. Every night during the voyage he would receive the same vision of the compass. Rapidly spinning, snapping North. After arriving in Wrackweed Bay the vision of the compass changed. Instead of snapping North, the compass needle just keeps spinning. Tavi isn’t sure why the gods have brought him here, or what he’s supposed to do. So he helps out the town when he can and waits for a sign of what they want him to do next.

Tavi Stormcaller

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