Lost Islands

To Catch a Nightingale
Demons make seafaring fun!

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn, Rosalind Thorkild

Old Business:
Stop the Nightingale or catch it

Major Events this Session:
Dwarf defector Herjolf joins Capt Rosalind’s crew
Ship to ship combat between the Hope’s Errand and the Nightingale
Kill the demons!
150 demonic objects

Most Notable Moments:
Ghor performs the orcish wrecking ball to kill Capt Zeno Pezzulo
Ghor smash demonic crate – dead demons abound!

Who Did You Meet:
Capt Zeno Pezzulo
Glabrazou demons

Unfinished Business:
Make anti demon weapons from islands stone
investigate the Nightingale thoroughly
dispose of demonic objects in volume

Three Crocs, No Waiting
Making friends and influencing assassins

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Tracking down the smuggling ring
Last game, we ended after a fight with the demonic minions of Waywocket Pfnipper
Continuing Negotiations with Captain Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker? Or Not, See Ghorr…possible runin with Becky

Major Events this Session:
Failed negotiation with Captain Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker, searched Tree-toad Cove, found small treasure hoard. Survived the trek back through the swamp.
Spoke with Merfolk about Kharveino
Town had trouble while Ghorr away, Gnomes First pushing their agenda. Ghorr confronts Marcellus in the square in front of the council chambers
Assassins strike Ghorr and Solomon, Solomon caught one, after diving naked after him out the window.

Most Notable Moments:
Shai-tann connected to Waywocket
Capt. Sweetheart in Wrackweed bay at the new moon, offered a rendezvous
Evangeline makes an enemy of Becky
Learned Sahaguin are in need of food and weapons, under the war leader Kharveino
Solomon escaped being eaten by making a friend
Ghorr’s political showdown with Marcellus at the Gnomes First vigil.

Who Did You Meet:
Prince H!Ting of the merfolk, provided information on Kharveino
Karl and the crew of the Nightengale are agitating sailors into action

Unfinished Business:
The stone of the island closes demonic portals.
Captured assassin.
Karl’s murder while in custody
Waywocket’s whereabouts
Stabilizing relationships between sailors and gnomes with a shark bake.
The letter found in Becky’s quarters
Note to Solomon from his investigation – come alone far docks, tomorrow midnight

Do Not Trust the Logs
at Capt' Sweetheart's Hideaway

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Investigating the Smuggler’s den at Tree-toad Cove
Who killed the prisoner in his cell?
Who is trafficking demonic artifacts from the jungle ruins?

Major Events This Session:
Sailing halfway to the smuggler’s den, find a demonic ship’s figurehead. Try to break a cruse on it, but quasits attack!
Through the jungle to the treetop smugglers den, over giant crocodile infested marsh.
Disguises for Ghorr
Failed to bluff their way into the Tree-toad Cove, but met Eliza Oedecker, aka Capt Sweetheart (halfling)
Heard of a cleric of Bashabsa named Becky
Lam’s Imports might have smuggling ties back in Roc Malaga
“The Cabal”

Most Notable Moments:

Eva clenses the figurehead, alerted to the presence of an “entity” within the wooden demon

Ghorr ruins subterfuge at Tree-toad Cove when ex-councilor Waywocket Pfnipper appears, and a fight breaks out between her demons and the party.

Who Did You Meet:
Capt. Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker, Halfling Smuggler

Unfinished Business:
The smuggling crew is still there
Getting back to Wrackweed Bay
“The Cabal”

Trapdoor Sharks
How to make friends and influence orcs

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Eagle’s Wing arrives in Wrackweed Bay carrying Evangeline Whit, Solomon Vext, Bryn, and Emmissary Dominic Standish among others

Major Events this Session:
Rusty Bucket – Evangeline bet at the gambling table, the ship’s crew lost her at dice
Rumors of a shady transaction in the warehouses down along the pier
The party investigates, finds thugs paying off Sahaguin for demonic artifacts, the Sahaguin priestess escapes thanks to Trapdoor Sharks.

Treasure found!

Karl was captured, but the party failed to get anything out of him. he was found killed in prison the next day

Ghor finds out about a smugglers den on the other side of the island.

Most Notable Moments:
“I love jumping in things” – Ghor
Solomon dives in like a demonic swordfish
“Orcs in Government” – DM
“You’ve all been deputized” – Ghor
“It’s all about the ki points, baby” – Bryn

Unfinished Business:
Karl’s murder in prison
Smugglers den

Edge of the Abyss
Where demons are wont to tread

The Party:

Ghor and Alec

Old Business:

Tavi killed by Merrow attack, rescued merfolk, rewarded with treasure. Merrow coming through a portal near the north shore of the bay.

Major Events:

Used a cantrip to manifest an audio illusion of a ‘Merfolk Call to Prayer’ to lure Merrow out from the caves along the fault. Ambush successful, fought quasit scouts and merrow.
Merrow were summoning Quasits from portal, successfully stopped by party.
Portal seems to exist below the island, and gaps appear sometimes.
Investigated Til shipwreck & suspiscious death of captain
Moved supplies from shipwreck to Kobold camp onshore to help reinforce defences.

Most Notable Moments:

Saved Merfolk Prince in combat with Merrow
Collapsed portal to the Abyss
Kobold + Merfolk alliance groundwork laid.

Who did you meet?

Marcellus Pfnipper introduced as leader of Gnomes First political faction, he’s back from researching at the volcano.
Emmissary Dominic Standish’s ship has arrived from the Kingdom of Til, here to audit and review the work done by Alec Ulreen

Unfinished business:
Ghor trying to set up spy network to investigate Marcellus
Investigate Volcano

Saving Golden Sands
Or Don't Touch the Purple Glow

The Party:
Alec Ulreen, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Halkin Stonenwher

Old Business:

  • The Sleeping Giant
  • Missing Merfolk
  • Merrow about to attack

Major Events This Session:

  • Killed Merrow & Chuul (lobster-like humanoid)
  • Rescued Merfolk
    *Rewarded with 400cp, 5000sp, 1700gp, 70pp, 1100gp in gems, Potion of Superior Healing, Bead of Force, 2 sets of Bracers of Defence, Gloves of Thieving

Most Notable Moments:

  • Death of Tavi as he hit the paralyzing, magic nullifying field surrounding the imprisoned giant.
  • Giant awoke after its arcane prison was released

Who Did You Meet:

  • H!tick and H!tuk, The Lord of Golden Sands and his Son
  • Seamus

Unfinished Business:

  • Close the Merrow’s entryway to this plane from the Abyss
Maces, Hammers, & Lady Sharks
Getting the band back together

The Party:
Ghorr, Tavi, Alec Ulreen, Halkin

Old Business:
Investigate Volcano Tunnels

Major Events this Session:
Investigate Golden Sands (“Big fins in the water”)
Sahaguin attack on Kobold village
Dove into surf with amulets
Found Ship from Til, sank recently, fought giant sharks
Got to Golden Sands, found empty except for a sleeping sea giant, surrounded by a purple glow and Merrows

Noteable Moments:
Received amulets of water breathing that should last 18 hours apiece

Who did you meet?
Madam Elena

Unfinished Business:
Found Giant and 4 eel-like humanoids in Golden Sands, Wizard got their attention

Tavi's Memories
Neutrality is hard with these bozos

I recall that the Gnomes were the primary aggressors on the island. While more “Civilized” than the Kobalds and the Lizzardmen, they moved to the island, using the age old practice of imminent domain, claimed a chunk of the island for themselves and began extracting wealth from the land.

The weakest and most mobile faction, the Kobalds, split up their tribes and maintained camps in the least desirable areas of the island. By splitting their population they maintained the best chance for continued survival. They were content to gather intelligence on the Gnomes and the Lizzardmen while staying out of the power struggle. If there was a threat to their camps then they would have advanced warning and utilize hit and run tactics on the advancing forces, luckily the Gnomes and the Lizzardmen ignored them for the most part.

The strongest physically, the Lizzardmen, tried their best to maintain their ancestral settlements. A proud race of honorable warriors and dedicated shaman, they refused to be displaced by the would be conquering Gnomes. They launched raids against the Gnomes to slow down their expansion, which is unfortunately where I made initial contact. In the end, though rightfully distrustful, they were willing to negotiate with us and honored our agreed upon terms.

The strongest technologically, the Gnomes, relied on magic and mercenaries to protect their settlement and magical artifact gathering operation. They founded their settlement knowing full well that the island was already inhabited by the Lizzardmen and Kobalds. Immediately they deemed the two native factions “savages” giving them the moral leeway to engage in a policy of genocide masquerading as selfdefense.

If anything I felt that me and my companions should have been working to unite the Kobalds and Lizzardmen against the gnomes, but the will of the gods had other plans and we arrived during a Lizzardmen raid on the Gnomish settlement. This impressed upon the crew of the ship that the Lizzardmen were “evil” and the safety of the “poor defenseless gnomes” was somehow our responsibility. Lacking any clear guidance from the sea I reluctantly agreed to help the crew and the Gnomes, but I had a sense that there had to be something bigger than a territorial squabble going on for the gods to bring me so far to this tiny island.

By the conclusion of our adventure my suspicion would turn out to be partially valid. The prominent leader of the Gnomes turned out to be some sort of demon conspirator bent on unleashing devastation and chaos upon the region via an ancient arcane power built into the island. The Kobalds were clever enough to avoid the situation entirely, while myself, the ships crew, the Lizzardmen, and the Gnomes were used as pawns in her scheme. Luckily we were able to discover her intentions and put a stop to them.

I feel the gods are pleased with the outcome of situation and my work here, for the time being, is finished. Until I receive further visions, I will stay with the last set course and continue on with this crew. In the future I hope that they will heed my council and choose to remain neutral in a situation until such a time as the facts are fully known, the true nature of the circumstance is identified, and an appropriate course of action is agreed upon; I remain pessimistic on this matter but do trust in the gods to steer our course.

Ghor's Memories
What on earth happened last time

Okay, here’s what I remember;

Ghorr Blood-Eye and Alec Ulreen were hired as sailors by some merchant house/noble house to see a shipment to the gnome islands. Our ship was waylaid by storms and we crash landed on a forgotten island where we fought kobolds while the surviving crew made repairs. There was a hooded figure commanding the kobolds. We escaped after much bloodshed, but this hooded figure was not done with us – while back out at sea and en route, he attacked us with a kraken. We fought the kraken, destroying (supposedly) the kraken and the hooded figure who rode atop it.

Next session saw our arrival to the Lost Islands of the gnomes, their port town under attack by lizard man tribes. Using our already battered ship as a battering ram, we beached that mofo right up on the shore, crushing some lizard men, jumped off the boat and started kicking ALL the ass. This put us in well with the local government, a type of gnomish council, who hired us as mercs to take care of their lizard man problem. This is also where we met up with Tavi Stormcaller.

We explored the island, rescued captured gnomes in the raid, discovered a lost network of temples interconnected by volcanic tunnels. Ghorr discovers that there is evidence of an old enemy, an Orcish agent of Shai’Tann on the island. The group discovers the lizard man army is amassing for a giant attack, spurred on by the orcish cultist. We make a tenative peace treaty with a neutral kobold tribe and unite the kobolds and gnomes together against the lizard man army. Ghorr jumps on the back of a flying demon, INTO a volcano after killing the orcish agent of Shai’Tann, and succeeds. He also stops the charge of a triceratops by standing still, and breaks its neck with his bare hands. We discover proof of treachery amongst the gnomish council, one of them (Waywocket, I think her name was), was in league with the lizardmen and other *dark powers.

The Lizardman army crashed at the gates of gnome town against the gnomes, the kobolds, and our party. We even got a dragon turtle on our side. We fought the lizard queen and won, drove off the army. Now we’re on the island, left to ponder the true nature of these interconnected volcano-temples and, yes, there is a spelljammer chair. Ghorr continues to hunt for the agents of Shai’Tann and find the whereabouts of his traitorous uncle, the leader of Clan Night-bringer, Karaang. Alec Ulreen has his court intrigues. I apologize, this is written from a Ghorr centric POV, I encourage Brad and Craig to jump in with details that I missed or got incorrect.

Hope this helps.

To recap:
Found a temple matrix under/in/around volcanoes
crushed the lizardman armies
made peace with a dragon turtle and the kobolds
spell jammer chair! Would love to get into that

Cool story threads:
Whats up with Dr.Strange’s noble house and knighthood?
Clan Nightbringer and Karaang?
Spelljammer chair!
Who else knows of the temple matrix on the Lost islands? Maybe dark elves? Always great villains


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