Tag: Hope's Errand


  • Rosalind Thorkild

    Captain Rosalind Thorkild of [[The Hope's Errand | The Hope's Errand]] is an blond half-elf woman of below average height. She was rescued from pirates by [[:alec-ulreen | Alec Ulreen]] and [[:ghorrokhan-blood-eye | Ghorrokhan Blood Eye]] along with her …

  • Hammond

    A pale balding giant, Hammond is only known by the one name. He's laconic, but can be roused to extreme violence if needed. He is eager to return to Roca Malaga

  • Brekki Sea-Anvil

    Brekki Sea anvil is an exceptionally broad and strong dwarf, from a line of sea faring dwarves. He's the kind bosun of the Hope's Errand, and is always ready with tales of the sea.