Tag: Wrackweed Bay


  • To Catch a Nightingale

    The Party: [[:evangeline | Evangeline Whit]], [[:ghorrokhan-blood-eye | Ghorrokhan Blood Eye]], [[:solomon-vext | Solomon Vext]], [[:bryn | Bryn]], [[:rosalind-thorkild | Rosalind Thorkild]] Old Business: Stop the Nightingale or catch it Major …

  • Wrackweed Bay

    A sprawling gnomish port extends far out into the bay on pilings. Protected from the mainland by partial completed stone wall and a timber palisade with a two gates, most of the structures are built out into the normally calm bay waters and are connected …

  • Sailor's Lady

    Near the warehouses, you'll find the best place for drinking in town. Unlike most of the buildings, the Sailors Lady is a demasted hulk of an old freighter, two decked, and using all available space for drinking, gambling, and the nightly shows by the …

  • Ftharnek Tongstrike

    Son - [[:dimble-tongstrike | Dimble Tongstrike]], was saved from lizardmen by party, indebted to party because of that heroism. Acquitted himself well at the Battle of the Bay

  • Madam Elena Authier

    Shock of massive auburn hair and a pretty face on top of strong arms. She runs the [[Sailor's Lady]], the main brothel and tavern that's not gnome sized in[[Wrackweed Bay | Wrackweed Bay]], and hasn't lost in an arm wrestling contest yet.

  • Kellen Timberstand

    One of the 3 councillors and owner of the only timbermill in Wrackweed Bay, Kellen is a balding, white-haired ancient gnome who tries to avoid trouble and keep things as close to 'How we did them back home' as possible.

  • Trin Awlbiter

    A young fierce councillor, often opposed by Waywocket and Kellen, Trin has short blond hair and a luxurious moustace. Most antagonistic towards the sailor faction, but wants what is best for the colony and isn't afraid to change.

  • Marcellus Pfnipper

    Marcellus is a very small gnome, with dark hair and light green eyes. He's advocating for keeping gnomish power in the council, but with respect to the rights of the non-gnomes in the community.