Wrackweed Bay

A sprawling gnomish port extends far out into the bay on pilings. Protected from the mainland by partial completed stone wall and a timber palisade with a two gates, most of the structures are built out into the normally calm bay waters and are connected by floating bridges. The market, most of the homes, and the tavern are all out on the ‘waterside’, while the barracks, blacksmith, and council hall are ‘landward’. These structures were obviously not designed to be a long term solution, and are beginning to show their age.

Run by a council of 3 – Kellen Timberstand, Trin Awlbiter, and the self appointed Ghorrokhan Blood Eye in place of disgraced and deceased demon dabbler Waywocket Pfnipper.

The community is about 70% gnomish, 20% human, and the rest are a variety of sailors

They are currently recovering from a large attack by lizardmen armies, and have a temporary truce with the local Kobolds in place during this time of crisis.

The Sailor’s Lady

Wrackweed Bay

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