Lost Islands

Climbing the Abyss
The Day Evangeline Tried to Kill Solomon's Imaginary Friend

The Party:
Bryn, Evangeline Whit, Solomon Vext,Alec Ulreen

Old Business:
Captain Sweetheart escaped with 1/2 the crates of demonic artifacts in the smuggler’s caves
Previously confiscated crates hidden just outside of Wrackweed Bay, guarded by city watch and Sir Cadazzle

Major Events this Session:
Loaded undestroyed crates from the smuggler’s caves in the North onto the Hope’s Errand, sent it sailing back to Wrackweed Bay.

Teleported directly to Captain Sweetheart, and pursued her through a portal that was hidden deep in the tunnels under the volcano, and came out looking over the Abyss.
Meet an imp and learned more about the nature of the island
Fought gnoll leaders and demons in a bunker at the summit of the volcano in the Abyss
Evangeline threatens to kill the imp to protect Solomon

Most Notable Moments:
Imp claims Solomon’s grandfather is Gra’azt

“There’s still a manatee” – award for best use of polymorph goes to Alec Ulreen
“From hell’s heart I stab at thee, you dirty old manatee”

Who Did You Meet:
Penelope Oedecker

Unfinished Business:
Bag of holding from Capt. Sweetheart
Crates in town
Forge in town
Whereabouts of Becky, Hrolkug, Waywocket

'Dem Bones

The Party:
Bryn, Evangeline Whit, Solomon Vext

Old Business:
Confronted Rebecca “Becky” Vabara atop the central ruins pyramind where she was gathering wandering souls.
The Forge – a 3 foot crystal appearing structure with a basin the size of a shield it mounts above, which can be used to manipulate the island’s stone, also cleanse demonic artifacts
Helm of Teleportation – Attuned to Solomon

Major Events this Session:
Teleported to town, rested at Sailor’s Lady
Updated Keena on unquiet dead, she reported the more sensistive in town had nightmares during Becky’s ritual – Shai-tann mentioned
Teleported to the volcano dig site, meet Alec Ulreen, who helped test the ancient teleportation circle he had recently uncovered
Teleported to northern ruins where Gish and his patrol had disappeared. Explored the smuggler’s hideout, found gnolls and smugglers had a falling out, and Captain Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker was trapped with a few of her remaining crew between the ravening gnolls and an undead abomination.

Most Notable Moments:
“Two Goddesses, one hut”
Found 500gp at the Smuggler’s hideout
Crates and crates of demonic artifacts
Rescued Gish and his scouts

Who Did You Meet:
Lukas, bard at the Sailor’s lady “Drum circle dude”, had nightmares
Rose and her sister Lily, Twins working at the Sailor’s lady, had nightmares
Alec Ulreen
The North Bastion, a water elemental bound to the protection of the island’s former fortress
An undead amalgam abomination

Unfinished Business:
Capt Sweetheart escaped with half the crates
Where’s the Hope’s Errand?

The Smoking Crystal, the Jumped-up Goblins, and the Shadowy Ritual
The doom in the tomb room under a full moon

The Party:
Bryn, Evangeline Whit, Solomon Vext, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye

Old Business:
Picking up after Necromancer fight
Ghor consulted with Alec Ulreen on how to weaponize the islands stone
Need to move artifacts off the Nightingale

Major Events this Session:
Hid a cache of artifacts, underguard
Ambush at the dead dinosaur (gnolls & max demons)
Shadow demon fight at the corrupted smoking artifact
Interrupted Becky’s ritual

Most Notable Moments:
“For those who expect more: Ghor!”
Ghor’s training montage
“So, gnolls are, like, jumped up goblins?”

Solomon touches his horns: “I’ll never be beautiful”
Eva charges right in to attack Becky

Who Did You Meet:
A poor, shadowed soul

Unfinished Business:
Smugglers cave and missing Kobold scout to the North
Arcane research

Weird Vibes and Unquiet Graves
"Can you grapple his asshole?"

The Party:
Bryn, Evangeline Whit, Solomon Vext

Old Business:
Make anti demon weapons from islands stone
Investigate the Nightingale thoroughly
Dispose of demonic objects in volume

Major Events this Session:
Solomon finds ship’s log, Capt Pezzulo’s personal diary, and magic glasses
Nightingale at anchor in the bay, guarded by gnomes and merfolk
Evangeline interrupts a fight between Kyna and Petven Tumblebelly (Marcellus supporter) at the tiny shack temple of Selûne. Kyna says the argument was about prioritizing blessings for wealthy gnomish members of the community. Evangeline and Kyna make plans to build a proper temple of the Gods of Light with Kyna’s help, but Evangeline gets some weird vibes around the temple.
Suggest moving the artifacts off the Nightingale and into a safe, anti-demon basalt tunnel nearby. Met with Sir Cadazzle, elderly paladin of Garl Glittergold to discuss getting help guarding the artifacts.
Interrupt two shadowy figures performing rituals to raise dead lizardmen at the mass graves just outside of town. Revealed to be a Gnoll and an undead orc warlock Hrolkug

Most Notable Moments:
“You brought a cleric to a skeleton fight”
“Can you grapple his asshole?” – Evangeline, very mad at Hrolkug hurting Bryn

Who Did You Meet:
Drover Hoppett – Gnome guard captain, gruff but with a drinking problem.
Gravekeeper Erlun – quiet gnome who prefers the company of the dead since they don’t talk
Priestess Kyna – high elf cleric of Selûne helping minister to the town
Sir Cadazzle – retired gnome paladin, storyteller and extravagant teller of tall tales
Petven Tumblebelly – Marcellus Pfnipper supporter and busybody

Unfinished Business:
Results of the Nightingale investigation
Disposal of the demonic artifacts – consult with The Wizard Ulreen or Rudolfo Carolinius in town, possible ritual with Kyna and Sir Cadazzle
Source of demonic artifacts
Powerful religious artifact Kyna has learned of in the haunted ruins near the center of the island
Cabal presence on the island

To Catch a Nightingale
Demons make seafaring fun!

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn, Rosalind Thorkild

Old Business:
Stop the Nightingale or catch it

Major Events this Session:
Dwarf defector Herjolf joins Capt Rosalind’s crew
Ship to ship combat between the Hope’s Errand and the Nightingale
Kill the demons!
150 demonic objects

Most Notable Moments:
Ghor performs the orcish wrecking ball to kill Capt Zeno Pezzulo
Ghor smash demonic crate – dead demons abound!

Who Did You Meet:
Capt Zeno Pezzulo
Glabrazou demons

Unfinished Business:
Make anti demon weapons from islands stone
investigate the Nightingale thoroughly
dispose of demonic objects in volume

Three Crocs, No Waiting
Making friends and influencing assassins

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Tracking down the smuggling ring
Last game, we ended after a fight with the demonic minions of Waywocket Pfnipper
Continuing Negotiations with Captain Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker? Or Not, See Ghorr…possible runin with Becky

Major Events this Session:
Failed negotiation with Captain Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker, searched Tree-toad Cove, found small treasure hoard. Survived the trek back through the swamp.
Spoke with Merfolk about Kharveino
Town had trouble while Ghorr away, Gnomes First pushing their agenda. Ghorr confronts Marcellus in the square in front of the council chambers
Assassins strike Ghorr and Solomon, Solomon caught one, after diving naked after him out the window.

Most Notable Moments:
Shai-tann connected to Waywocket
Capt. Sweetheart in Wrackweed bay at the new moon, offered a rendezvous
Evangeline makes an enemy of Becky
Learned Sahaguin are in need of food and weapons, under the war leader Kharveino
Solomon escaped being eaten by making a friend
Ghorr’s political showdown with Marcellus at the Gnomes First vigil.

Who Did You Meet:
Prince H!Ting of the merfolk, provided information on Kharveino
Karl and the crew of the Nightengale are agitating sailors into action

Unfinished Business:
The stone of the island closes demonic portals.
Captured assassin.
Karl’s murder while in custody
Waywocket’s whereabouts
Stabilizing relationships between sailors and gnomes with a shark bake.
The letter found in Becky’s quarters
Note to Solomon from his investigation – come alone far docks, tomorrow midnight

Do Not Trust the Logs
at Capt' Sweetheart's Hideaway

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Investigating the Smuggler’s den at Tree-toad Cove
Who killed the prisoner in his cell?
Who is trafficking demonic artifacts from the jungle ruins?

Major Events This Session:
Sailing halfway to the smuggler’s den, find a demonic ship’s figurehead. Try to break a cruse on it, but quasits attack!
Through the jungle to the treetop smugglers den, over giant crocodile infested marsh.
Disguises for Ghorr
Failed to bluff their way into the Tree-toad Cove, but met Eliza Oedecker, aka Capt Sweetheart (halfling)
Heard of a cleric of Bashabsa named Becky
Lam’s Imports might have smuggling ties back in Roc Malaga
“The Cabal”

Most Notable Moments:

Eva clenses the figurehead, alerted to the presence of an “entity” within the wooden demon

Ghorr ruins subterfuge at Tree-toad Cove when ex-councilor Waywocket Pfnipper appears, and a fight breaks out between her demons and the party.

Who Did You Meet:
Capt. Eliza “Sweetheart” Oedecker, Halfling Smuggler

Unfinished Business:
The smuggling crew is still there
Getting back to Wrackweed Bay
“The Cabal”

Trapdoor Sharks
How to make friends and influence orcs

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Eagle’s Wing arrives in Wrackweed Bay carrying Evangeline Whit, Solomon Vext, Bryn, and Emmissary Dominic Standish among others

Major Events this Session:
Rusty Bucket – Evangeline bet at the gambling table, the ship’s crew lost her at dice
Rumors of a shady transaction in the warehouses down along the pier
The party investigates, finds thugs paying off Sahaguin for demonic artifacts, the Sahaguin priestess escapes thanks to Trapdoor Sharks.

Treasure found!

Karl was captured, but the party failed to get anything out of him. he was found killed in prison the next day

Ghor finds out about a smugglers den on the other side of the island.

Most Notable Moments:
“I love jumping in things” – Ghor
Solomon dives in like a demonic swordfish
“Orcs in Government” – DM
“You’ve all been deputized” – Ghor
“It’s all about the ki points, baby” – Bryn

Unfinished Business:
Karl’s murder in prison
Smugglers den

Edge of the Abyss
Where demons are wont to tread

The Party:

Ghor and Alec

Old Business:

Tavi killed by Merrow attack, rescued merfolk, rewarded with treasure. Merrow coming through a portal near the north shore of the bay.

Major Events:

Used a cantrip to manifest an audio illusion of a ‘Merfolk Call to Prayer’ to lure Merrow out from the caves along the fault. Ambush successful, fought quasit scouts and merrow.
Merrow were summoning Quasits from portal, successfully stopped by party.
Portal seems to exist below the island, and gaps appear sometimes.
Investigated Til shipwreck & suspiscious death of captain
Moved supplies from shipwreck to Kobold camp onshore to help reinforce defences.

Most Notable Moments:

Saved Merfolk Prince in combat with Merrow
Collapsed portal to the Abyss
Kobold + Merfolk alliance groundwork laid.

Who did you meet?

Marcellus Pfnipper introduced as leader of Gnomes First political faction, he’s back from researching at the volcano.
Emmissary Dominic Standish’s ship has arrived from the Kingdom of Til, here to audit and review the work done by Alec Ulreen

Unfinished business:
Ghor trying to set up spy network to investigate Marcellus
Investigate Volcano

Saving Golden Sands
Or Don't Touch the Purple Glow

The Party:
Alec Ulreen, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Halkin Stonenwher

Old Business:

  • The Sleeping Giant
  • Missing Merfolk
  • Merrow about to attack

Major Events This Session:

  • Killed Merrow & Chuul (lobster-like humanoid)
  • Rescued Merfolk
    *Rewarded with 400cp, 5000sp, 1700gp, 70pp, 1100gp in gems, Potion of Superior Healing, Bead of Force, 2 sets of Bracers of Defence, Gloves of Thieving

Most Notable Moments:

  • Death of Tavi as he hit the paralyzing, magic nullifying field surrounding the imprisoned giant.
  • Giant awoke after its arcane prison was released

Who Did You Meet:

  • H!tick and H!tuk, The Lord of Golden Sands and his Son
  • Seamus

Unfinished Business:

  • Close the Merrow’s entryway to this plane from the Abyss

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