Lost Islands

Trapdoor Sharks

How to make friends and influence orcs

The Party:
Evangeline Whit, Ghorrokhan Blood Eye, Solomon Vext, Bryn

Old Business:
Eagle’s Wing arrives in Wrackweed Bay carrying Evangeline Whit, Solomon Vext, Bryn, and Emmissary Dominic Standish among others

Major Events this Session:
Rusty Bucket – Evangeline bet at the gambling table, the ship’s crew lost her at dice
Rumors of a shady transaction in the warehouses down along the pier
The party investigates, finds thugs paying off Sahaguin for demonic artifacts, the Sahaguin priestess escapes thanks to Trapdoor Sharks.

Treasure found!

Karl was captured, but the party failed to get anything out of him. he was found killed in prison the next day

Ghor finds out about a smugglers den on the other side of the island.

Most Notable Moments:
“I love jumping in things” – Ghor
Solomon dives in like a demonic swordfish
“Orcs in Government” – DM
“You’ve all been deputized” – Ghor
“It’s all about the ki points, baby” – Bryn

Unfinished Business:
Karl’s murder in prison
Smugglers den


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